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fall arrest systems by CSS WorksafeWhat is a horizontal lifeline?
A horizontal lifeline is a safety system that consists of a number of components, which provides continuous attachment and hands free working to the user or users. It should either restrain the user from accessing the area of risk or catch them in the event of a fall whilst doing the minimum of damage to the user and system.

Typically a horizontal lifeline system utilises a cable attached at either end to a structure and supported at regular intervals by brackets. The user attaches to the cable via a mechanism that will allow them to move along the system and across the brackets without the need for detaching. Menu

CSS WorksafeWhy choose Uniline for a horizontal lifeline system?
Uniline is a new, revolutionary product that offers exceptional benefits. It is low stretch, has low dynamic sag, has excellent shock absorbing capabilities and has little elasticity. This means that less of the load generated in the event of a fall is transferred to the structure resulting in far lower end loads. The low elasticity results in a 'soft drop,' i.e. the user will not bounce around following a fall and risk further trauma as they might with a wire based system.

Uniline has a breaking strength of 76 kN, which is equivalent to that of a 12mm stainless steel cable and almost double that of an 8mm stainless steel cable. In addition Uniline has a safety factor of over 3:1, which exceeds the safety factors of 8mm stainless steel cable.

All of these features make Uniline a more flexible system, enabling it to span greater distances than stainless steel cable between supports and accommodate a wider range of retractable fall arrest devices. It also results in a most cost effective solution. Menu

Are there standards to govern the installation of horizontal lifelines?
Yes, most countries have recognised standards, which effectively govern the manufacture and installation of horizontal and vertical safety systems and anchorage points. In Europe all anchorage points and horizontal lifeline systems should be designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with EN795. Vertical Safety Systems should conform to EN353-1 and EN353-2. In America OSHA standards govern the manufacture and installation of such products. Canada and Australia also have their own standards for the manufacture of horizontal lifelines. Should you need any further information, please contact us | Menu

Does the Uniline horizontal lifeline meet those standards?
Yes, Uniline has been tested in accordance with all world standards. Menu

CSS WorksafeWhy do we need to install a horizontal lifeline system?
Health and Safety Regulations states that it is the employer's responsibility to protect the employee. When a person is working at height near to an exposed edge or fall risk, suitable protection is required to prevent them from falling.

A Uniline horizontal lifeline System offers a cost effective and efficient means of providing such protection. Menu

What is Uniline?
Uniline is a unique Polyester Parallel Fibre Cable, protected by a neoprene jacket and a further outer polyester braided cover. Uniline's strength is in the cable core and is an incredible 76kN. (Over 7 tonnes). To learn more click here | Menu

Is Uniline a rope?
It's a lot more than just a rope. Uniline has been in service in the world's most demanding environments for over twenty years and has proven itself time and time again. Used by utilities companies to pull cables above ground and beneath the oceans of the world, it has withstood a diverse range of environmental conditions. To learn more click here | Menu

Is Uniline nonconductive?
Uniline has very high dielectric properties and is effectively nonconductive Menu

CSS WorksafeHow is Uniline affected by weather conditions?
Uniline is waterproof and is unaffected by ice and salt water. Polyester is the most resistant of all synthetic fibres for UV resistance and the neoprene inner cover that protects the core of the cable resists degradation from the sun and ozone. Uniline has a long in service life expectancy. To learn more click here | Menu

How is Uniline affected by chemical contaminants?

Uniline is highly resistant to most mineral acids and is virtually unaffected by alkalis. Uniline Safety Systems have details of a wide range of test data, so for more specific information please contact us | Menu

Can we clean the Uniline cable?
It can be hosed off or washed with a mild household detergent. Menu

Is Uniline resistant to cuts?
Uniline is very strong with two outer layers protecting the inner core, where the products strength lies. It is very difficult to cut Uniline under normal circumstances and installers have special cable cutters to help them. Menu

CSS WorksafeHow does the user pass the intermediate brackets without detaching?
The patented Unigrab is designed to self orientate as it comes into contact with the intermediate bracket. This enables the Unigrab to pass over the bracket unhindered. Menu

How do I enter/ exit the Uniline system?
The Unigrab is designed in such away that you can enter or exit the system from any point along its length. Once attached, it is impossible to inadvertently detach yourself from the Uniline. See User Instruction manual for further information. Menu

Are special tools required for installation?
A small hand tool for securing the end termination is required and a heat shrink hot gun is used to finish the system neatly. No on site swaging is required. Only companies trained and certificated by Uniline Safety Systems are approved to install the Uniline System. Menu

How do Uniline Safety Systems know that their installers are installing the systems correctly?
Thorough on-going training and the operation of a bi-annual audit procedure. Menu

What distances can the Uniline horizontal lifeline span?
The Uniline horizontal lifeline can span up to 50 metres without intermediate support due to its unique capabilities. This means less penetrations and less intermediate supports than other lifelines. System parameters should be defined by your approved installer once they have familiarised themselves with site conditions. Menu

CSS WorksafeHow can we be confident that our installation will be safe?
With the data from our testing procedures we have developed a sophisticated computer simulation programme, which accurately predicts the results of different system configurations, numbers of users, etc and gives results such as fall distances and end loads for your system. This programme is available to all our approved installers and all installations are pre-checked using this simulation.

In addition Uniline Installers are selected for their ability to provide comprehensive service and expertise in height safety to their Customers. Menu

How many users can use the system?
The computer simulation can determine the maximum number of users. We would generally recommend a maximum of six, although this figure may be exceeded or reduced according to specific local conditions. Menu

How often should the Uniline System be inspected?
In order to guarantee the ongoing integrity of the system, and in accordance with current regulations, we recommend that the system be inspected once a year by a Uniline Safety Systems approved installer or competent person approved by Uniline. Menu

What user equipment is required?
A full body harness is required by law. The user should attach to the system with the Unigrab device and a shock absorbing lanyard or retractable fall arrest device. Your PPE should be supplied by your installer in order to ensure compatibility with the system and must be CSS Worksafeproperly certified in accordance with current national regulations/standards. Menu

Where can we use the Uniline horizontal lifeline?
Uniline is the most flexible horizontal lifeline system in the world and can be used for a wide range of height safety access applications. For further details please contact us and request a copy of the Uniline brochure. Menu
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